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List of Portfolios We Track:

  Update!  Just bought a new stock position... in Accenture!...
   And just sold EBAY and Emerson Electric!  

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List of Portfolios We Are Tracking...

Portfolios Tracked:






Mad Money Episode Date Portfolio Tracked (click to view)
Tracking Since 9/15/09
(ongoing tracking of Jim Cramer's recommendations in a feature segment)
Jim Cramer's Ongoing Stock Picks - Tracking Portfolio
(adding stocks from every episode - ongoing)
Week of 5/4/09
(week long recommendations)
Speculative Tech Basket
(5 stocks)
8/11/09 Cramer's Mobile Internet Index
(21 Stocks)
9/16/09 "Cramer's Economic "Build Up" Basket of Stocks"
(13 Stocks)
Week of 10/12/09
(week long recommendations)
"Homeland Security" Secular Growth Portfolio
(7 Stocks)
10/19/09 "Cramer's 12 Stocks to Play The Recovery"
(12 Stocks)
11/2/09 Jim's "Battling Cancer" Stock Portfolio
(9 Stocks)

About Our
"Portfolio Tracking" Mission:

We have been recapping Jim Cramer's Mad Money show for several years now, almost since the show began on March 14, 2005, and we confess that we are huge fans of Jim Cramer.

However, please understand that, while we admire his energy, and the way we think he has changed the fundamental levels of understanding about so many areas of trading and investing, we are not simply blind followers of his stock recommendations. And, as he would stress to you himself (and repeatedly, he has), you should not be either!

Everyone has to do his/her
own homework to determine if a stock is the right fit for your current personal and financial situation.

We simply applaud his actions to attempt to help others, while so many others on TV are somewhat frozen by inaction, or stuck in the rut of status quo traditional practices. 

Jim injects logic - right or wrong for a stock pick - but still forces common sense upon us, which is really what we all need in this sometimes confusing and frustrating times.

So that's why we think it's worth tracking his occasional "basket of stocks" (i.e., stock indexes) he puts together on Mad Money.  We hope you think so too, and you benefit from this work that we are privileged to do for you.




  List of Tracked Portfolios

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