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    Recommended the week of 5/4/09



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Tekelec (TKLC)

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Brocade Communications (BRCD)

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Cadence Design Systems Inc. (CDNS)

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ON Semiconductor Corp. (ONNN)

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Starent Networks, Corp. (STAR)

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Methodology to value index baseline:   Take closing price (on May 11, 2009) of all stocks, investing $1000 in each, tracking total index value over time...  

Benchmark Date: 5/4-5/8/09 5/15/09** 6/4/09 8/4/09
Original Cost: $5,000 $5,021 $5,653 $6,111
Index Value On Dates: 100 100 113 122

  Update!  Just bought a new stock position... in Intel... and Accenture!...
   And just sold EBAY and Emerson Electric!  

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Excerpt from Jim's Comments about this portfolio,
from that episode:

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Mad Money episode:







Not only do I think that the tech rally is here to stay… it is actually getting stronger… and broader and more powerful… this move is being driven by something that we have not seen in such a long time that I wonder if people even realize what is staring them right in the face… it is a term that is long since forgotten around here… the term is momentum.

The mutual fund backers of tech are chasing momentum like there is no tomorrow… normally when stocks go higher we like them less because they are more expensive.. but this tech rally is signaling the opposite.. the higher tech soars, the more attractive the whole sector is becoming to these momentum chasing mutual funds… and they are getting money in like it is going out of style… in this kind of situation, strength begets strength… as they all get new money in because people love winning funds and pour cash into them… and now that the Nasdaq is up nearly 12% year to date… that is a whole lot strength… a real signal telling the bulls to buy an even broader array of tech stocks than they have done so far… the tech rally ladies and gentlemen is not going away.

The question that you should really be asking, is which techs stocks will benefit from the rallies next move up, the next leg… this move started with strength in high quality, high profile names, like the old four horseman of tech… Apple (AAPL), Research In Motion (RIMM), Google, Inc. (GOOG), and (AMZN)… all of which we still like very much even up here… and it has spread from there virally… now that the rally has gained steam I think that the best way to play it will be with stocks that are in many ways the polar opposites of the Apple's and Google's of the world… it is the small, unloved, forgotten and relatively beaten down tech names that get cooking when we get global economic growth… as the mutual funds pour more and more money into tech stocks… and the tech doubters are gradually converted to bulls… the little know, little cared about speculative stocks will get noticed… and it does not take a lot of attention to drive a stock like that much higher...
The Bottom Line: I think the next leg of the tech rally belongs to the underexposed speculative companies like Tekelec… the first of five unloved tech companies that have a ton of room to romp over the rest of the quarter… as the money flows into growth funds hungry for new names... Holy cow… the next leg of this tech rally, we have got the picks all week cause the times they are changing… pick number one, remember it reports Monday so you do not need to get ahead of it… I am trying to give you the whole panoply… is Tekelec (TKLC)... My first tech spec of the week is TKLC, but wait until after it reports on Monday if you want in... Holy cow… the next leg of this tech rally, we have got the picks all week cause the times they are changing… pick number one, remember it reports Monday so you do not need to get ahead of it… I am trying to give you the whole panoply… is Tekelec...
(Note:  This was the first night's recommendation of five, this one for TKLC)

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  *Note:  Because of the so-called "Cramer effect" that sometimes can cause his stock recommendations to pop up in price during the extended-hours sessions and the day after, Jim always recommends that you do your own homework, and wait at least five trading days before considering buying the stock.    That is why we used the 1-week price timing as our first measure.

**This accounts for the fact that all stocks were not done on same day, but one per day. So, taking one week from that Friday, 5/8/09.

For these benchmarks, the following measure dates are used:  May 11, June 4, and August 4, 2009.

NOTE:  It is very important to realize that, as Jim Cramer states on his show regularly, he will frequently change his recommendation and position on a stock as circumstances change, and he collects more economic, market and specific stock data.  To keep up with his CURRENT position on these stocks, it is recommended that you read the recaps from the show,
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